Breakfast like a king!


An intriguing study was published in July 2013 in the health journal Obesity. 74 overweight women were selected and divided into two groups. The first group was put on a heavy-breakfast, light-dinner diet, and the second group, the opposite. The total daily calories for both groups were kept the same. The diet continued for 3 months.

The results were fascinating. After 3 months, the heavy-breakfast ladies had lost about 5 kilos more than their heavy-dinner counterparts, despite consuming the same amount of daily calories!

This study is a great illustration of the importance of timing in meals. Breakfast is widely considered to be the most important meal of the day, and yet, unfortunately, a good 20% of the urban population ends up skipping breakfast thanks to their early morning dash to work.

But why is breakfast so important?

First, breakfast is the human body and mind’s wake-up call. The body needs a dose of energy to get going after the 8-9 hour gap since dinner, otherwise its functions remain sluggish and the person feels tired and sleepy all morning.

Second, the aftermath: By skipping breakfast we tend to eat more at lunch, and all those extra lunch calories do us no good. After all, how many calories can you burn on lazy office afternoons! So in a way, skipping breakfast could actually make you fat!

We clearly stand a better chance of burning more calories in the earlier part of the day, so it is wiser to stock-up on calories at breakfast. As is rightly said, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper”!

In our next blog we will look at some great breakfast foods. Till then, make enough space on your breakfast table!

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